Visiting Key West in December

December Tips, Weather, Events and Deals

The build up to Christmas in the Florida Keys makes December a magical time to visit Oceans Edge Key West. The island sparkles with festive fun and enchanting events with lighted boat parades to add to the holiday spirit. From the middle of the month, the islands start to become busy with visitors looking to spend the festive season under the tropical sunshine, though the early part of the month offers plenty of opportunities for a more peaceful and calm December escape. Key West is a highly popular destination between Christmas and New Year so it is essential to book early to avoid disappointment.

December weather in Key West

There may not be snow here in the Florida Keys in December, but you can still expect to find a white sand Christmas during your winter vacation at Oceans Edge Key West. The cold temperatures elsewhere in the world will feel miles away when you sit back in a tropical paradise surrounded by average highs of 76° F. It can feel chillier during the evenings, so packing extra layers will help keep you warm after sunset.

  • Average High Air Temp 76° F (24° C)
  • Average Low Air Temp 67° F (21° C)
  • Average Water Temp 72° F (22° C)
  • Average Rainfall 2 inches (5.1 cm)
  • Average Sunset Time 5:38 p.m.

Top tips for packing your bags in December

  • Light layers to prepare for cooler evenings
  • A light jacket or blazer for an evening out
  • Warmer shoes to wear after sunset
  • Beach clothing and swimwear, including a sun hat and flip flops
  • Your favorite festive outfit!

December 2018 Events and Holidays

Christmas takes place each year on December 25 but the entire month welcomes festive celebrations to enjoy a Florida Keys vacation.