Key West Ghost Tours

Haunted Key West

These interactive tours are authentic explorations of the other side, featuring unusual and entertaining guides and tours created by renowned ghost hunter, David L. Sloan. Key West is consistently ranked as one of the most haunted cities in the United States. Haunted Key West will help you experience that first hand.

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Ghosts and Gravestones Tours

Old Town Trolley Tours invites you to explore our premier “frightseeing” tour, Ghosts & Gravestones Night Tour. Prepare yourself for an evening of fun, scares, and ghost stories as you are guided through some of America’s most haunted cities: Boston, Key West, Savannah, San Diego and St. Augustine. Hear local tales of murder and mayhem, mixed with a good dose of humor and history. In Boston, walk amongst the dead in burying grounds nearly 400 years old. See a mischievous doll named Robert with a mysterious curse in Key West. 

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